Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Barking Dog Lawsuits: October 2017 Update

Can you sue the owner of the barking dog that's driving you nuts? You sure can! Here's what a Florida real estate attorney has to say:

Homeowner could sue neighbor over barking dog

Now, here's the downside. You could win your case, but your neighbor may appeal. Happened in this case, which began in 2002:

Owners must surgically 'debark' loud dogs, court rules

Here's the money quote from the story:

"The Appeals Court upheld the $238,000 verdict and Gerking’s ruling, reasoning that the Kreins shouldn't have to file lawsuit after lawsuit to recover compensation as the problem continues. In his written opinion, Appeals Judge Joel DeVore likened that to a 'judicial merry-go-round.'"

Thank you, Your Honor. And let's be aware of the fact that merry-go-round has an on/off switch. It can't run forever. Nor should it.

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