Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 01/24/13

Speak up for barking dog

Excerpt: The dog is crying out in its language. "Why am I not treated as a companion? Why am I not part of your pack? I'm lonely and bored. What is my crime that you keep me in solitary confinement?"

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From the TWBNR Advice Column Department, we have this question:

What to do about a neigbors barking dog

Excerpt: The dog was also left outside for 10-12 hrs yesterday with no shelter and if there was water it had to be frozen(it was only 20 degrees or less out). This is not a northern breed either. It has a pretty thin coat. It barked the entire 10-12 hrs it was out there with maybe a 10 min break every hr between the barking. I called the police and they called back saying no one was home so they couldn't do anything.  

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Bonus Tip: A guide to taking the owners of barking dogs to small claims court. And winning your lawsuit.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 01/18/13

Florida governor RETURNED the rescue dog he adopted for his 2010 election campaign... AFTER he'd won

Excerpt: On Monday, reporters confronted Scott about the case of the vanishing dog. The governor said that Reagan ‘scared the living daylights’ out of everyone living at his Tallahassee mansion and that it wasn’t working out.

The dog, he said, would not stop barking if he saw a person carrying something.

Is your dog barking mad or just feeling ruff?

Excerpt: In an effort to determine what is normal woofing, an Auckland animal behaviourist has bugged the houses of 60 dogs and recorded how much they barked when their owners were out.

To which I say: The results were not surprising. The dogs did much more barking than was expected. Which means that those of us who complain about the noise should be treated with more respect by the authorities.

In case you're wondering why we're treated so disrespectfully, here's a clue: Animal control agencies have been hijacked by extremists who couldn't care less about human health and safety. We're just the lowly taxpayers who foot the bill for their "animals above all else" agenda.

Friday, January 11, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 01/11/13

Happy New Year to everyone! The Roundup is back from holiday break, and I wish you a quiet, peaceful New Year. If you're looking for a resolution at this late date, here's one:

Read Alexandra Semyonova's book, The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs. She doesn't talk at great length about barking, but she dispels a lot of doggie myths. Such as the one about dogs being descended from wolves. Didn't happen. Likewise, the one about human-canine relationships being an ongoing struggle to establish dominance.

And now, the news...

Ohio man arrested for barking at police dog

Excerpt: A 22-year-old Ohio man was arrested after authorities say he barked at a police dog during a traffic stop.

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Owners to blame for barking dogs

Excerpt: I'm writing this letter about the barking dog problem the people on South Hickory Street are having.

I have lived at the Mid-Rise for almost two years and I know for a fact that many people have written letters to the mayor, called the police and complained about four dogs that bark constantly. We have received many excuses why nothing is being done, but we are citizens and have rights, too. The dogs in Mount Carmel seem to have more rights than the people.

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