Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 09/12/13

This one goes out to the asshole neighbors who left their robo-barking dog out in the wee hours of this morning. Since I can't say FU in person, here's a blog post for ya...

Dog Owner Cited After Neighbor Videotapes Barking

Excerpt: Longmont man says he had enough of his neighbor’s barking dog, so he videotaped the dog and turned the evidence over to police.


Wolverhampton couple fined £1,200 each after nightmare of barking dogs

Excerpt: The council mediation service was called in without success and both defendants were served with an abatement notice ordering them to stop the animals barking so loudly. This was repeatedly broken up to April 16 and the pair were officially warned on April 24 that legal action had been started against them, the court was told.

Yet another example of why mediation is a waste of time and tax money.

Conflict over dogs barking leads to tense council meeting 

Excerpt: The 17 dogs that call the Wadena Humane Society shelter home have been barking to a point where neighbors say they’ve had enough.

I guess the definition of "humane" doesn't extend to being courteous to the neighbors.

ANOTHER VIEW: Neighbors Want Barking Stopped
Excerpt: We are experiencing daily barking that goes on two or more hours at a time throughout the day, every day. Those representing the city of Long Beach have been somewhat effective in reducing the duration of the barking, but have been equally ineffective at ceasing the barking and correcting the behavior of this neighbor.

New initiatives for barking dogs

Excerpt: [W]andering and barking dogs were the main animal control complaints and most came from south Invercargill.

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