Friday, July 26, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 07/26/13

Q: Barking Dog In Starbucks: What Would You Do?

A: I'd walk out of the store while saying "Your dog's BARKING isn't music to my ears!" And you can buy that tee shirt in my my QuietBarkingDogs store.

Morris: Barking dogs have neighbors on edge

Excerpt: They live in their backyard full time, rain or shine. They have a sheltered place to sleep plus food and water, but that's it. No human contact except for when the owner shouts "Shut up!" at them. No walks, no play time. Just an endless existence of long days in an enclosure.

What was once my nice backyard -- coffee and newspaper on the patio, playing with my dogs, gardening -- has become off limits. When we go outside the neighbor dogs rush the fence, barking and howling.

It should be noted that this person tried to talk to then dogs' owner. Fat lotta good that did. And Morris the columnist notes, "Your options are limited." Isn't that lovely? I think I'd be screaming "Shut up!" at the top of my lungs. Matter of fact, I've done that. In one case, it worked so well I had blessed peace and quiet for months.

Sussex County Council requests more time in addressing possible ‘excessive’ barking dog ordinance

Excerpt: “Say our constable is called out at 2 o’clock in the morning … a barking dog. Does he (constable) have to sit there for a half hour?”

And that, people, is the essence of a dog barking law that's designed to fail. No cop is going to sit there and witness barking. Only sleep-deprived citizens must do that.

Friday, July 19, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 07/19/13


Excerpt: Now I'm stuck with this dog that barks every time I click something. Please, this is senseless, irritating noise and the game would be better off without it.

And let me guess: You play this online game to escape the barking in the rest of your life, right?

Woman rescued from house fire that kills nearly 100 cats; barking dog woke her up

Excerpt: She woke up to the sound of her lone dog barking after her fire alarm failed to sound and saw smoke billowing from a bedroom.

Ever been in a house with more than a dozen cats? I have. It's NOT healthy. What this lady was doing shouldn't be called rescue. It's hoarding. And it endangers the health of the hoarder and the surrounding community.

The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. Tired of the din? Head over to my QuietBarkingDogs store. It's an oasis of peace and quiet.

Friday, July 12, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 07/12/13

Fourth of July sounds of freedom cause some dogs to bark and whine and others to bolt
Excerpt: Dogs have more sensitive ears than humans do and while some dogs don’t appear to mind the noise, others will bark, whine, howl, hide, cower or run into furniture and walls...

I'll never forget July 4th back in 2006, when I was forced to don earmuffs to blunt the noise assault launched by the neighbors' pug during Tucson's fireworks show. 

Well, wouldn't you know it, the same neighbors left their robo-barker out for this year's Independence Day. So, I launched a hammering counter-assault. Dog barked? I hammered. Dog went yap-yap-yap? I went tap-tap-TAP! 

I think the idiot neighbors got the point. By the time our city's 2013 fireworks started, that dog was back in the house, where it belonged all along.

Barking dogs could get costly

Excerpt: The residents complained that barking from five hunting dogs owned by Mr. Clueless makes it difficult to sleep at night and to enjoy their backyards. Clueless, who also attended the meeting, responded defensively at first, telling his neighbors, “If you have a problem come to me.” The neighbors said they had come to him, noting that he no longer regularly lives at the house with the kennels.

I can't IMAGINE why he no longer regularly lives at the house with the kennels.

Neighbor Assaulted Over Barking Dog Complaint

Excerpt: The victim was ambushed and repeatedly kicked in the head after he visited his neighbors a few doors down and asked they keep their noisy dog quiet.

WA laws aim to silence barking dogs

Excerpt: The Western Australian government has unleashed an ambitious plan to help councils stop dogs from barking. At least barking so much that they make a nuisance of themselves in populated areas.

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