Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Barking News Roundup - July 30, 2014

New law gives county teeth to stop barking dogs

Excerpt: “I can’t talk on my property. I can’t blow my nose. I can’t open an outside gate,” [the bark-bedeviled man] told Clackamas County commissioners. “I can’t stand out there and water my own backyard.”

Why not? Because, according to him, each time he does, two neighboring dogs start barking incessantly.

Dog owner fears court over barking noise complaints

Excerpt: [The clueless dog owner] was served with an abatement notice ordering her to take action to stop the nuisance barking earlier in the year, but as the complaints continued council staff visited the property next-door on three occasions in May and have compiled a report noting on the noise sending neighbours barking mad.

I rarely hear a barking dog in the UAE and long may that situation continue

Excerpt: In my old house in East London, my next door neighbour had a Jack Russell, which not only yapped at all hours of the day and night, disturbing my sleep, but burrowed under the garden fence and used my lawn as a toilet. The response from the dog owner was not repeatable.

Dispute over barking dog ends in assault, arrest

Excerpt: “The defendant said that the dog constantly barks at him and he is tired of it,” according to the documents.

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