Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 06/26/13

Ruling to remove barking dogs from Marshfield stands

Excerpt: Plymouth Country magistrate Philip McCue upheld a decision by the Marshfield Board of Selectmen to have five Tibetan mastiffs removed from the premises of their home after being deemed a nuisance.

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Barking dog may have led to stabbing death

Excerpt: A fatal stabbing at an Albuquerque gas station may have started over a barking dog. 

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"Of course incidents like this would be rare if Animal Control did their frigging job and ticketed people for noisy and freeroaming dogs with large fines; and took dogs away from the people who neglect them to the point of non-stop barking. Dog owners are so used to getting away with anything -- not picking up, not leashing, not controlling their animal that it’s become normal for them to think they can get away with everything."

It’s time to give animal ordinances some teeth

Excerpt: Enough’s enough. Sixty-five years have slid by, and no city council has tackled the issue of loose or aggressive dogs once and for all. I challenge this city council to be the one that does. If they’re truly too busy, then let’s form an Animal Services Commission to develop pet ownership ordinances that address the entire scope of animal related problems — leash laws, licensing, spay/neuter ordinances, abuse, neglect, and another of my pet (haha) peeves, excessive barking. (Yes, I wrote about that recently too.)

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Friday, June 14, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 06/14/13

It's Flag Day in America. So far, it has been a quiet one. May it continue to be quiet.

Barking maddens neighbours

Excerpt: A woman has been ordered to pay nearly £900 after allowing her barking dogs to make neighbours’ lives a misery, following a prosecution by Doncaster Council.

Woman admits tying dogs' mouths to stop barking: Shau Kei Wan resident was trying to reduce noise disturbance to neighbours, court told

Excerpt:  A woman pleaded guilty to silencing four of her dogs late last year by tying rubber straps round their mouths after neighbours in Shau Kei Wan complained of their barking.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 06/07/13

People howling over dog complaint process

Excerpt: As it stands now, a person complaining must keep a five-day log detailing when the dog is barking. One city councillor said the process doesn’t seem fair.

To which I say: It may not be fair, but the process doesn't appear to require mediation. What a waste of time that is!

Intruders beat up barking dog in Wallington burglary

Excerpt: Burglars beat up a German Shepherd dog before raiding a house in broad daylight. Three men are believed to have broken into the house in Woodcote Road, Wallington, and attacked the animal to stop it barking yesterday (Tuesday, June 4), at about 2.20pm.

To which I say: So much for barking dogs as a crime deterrent. BTW, this story is open for comments.

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