Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Month's Barking News Roundup - 11/12/13

Starting this Roundup with a couple of recent dog shootings. From Canada, we have a report of people trying to sleep during the wee hours of a Sunday morning. And someone getting fed up with the noise.

From the suburbs of Detroit, there was the pit bull left in the care of an elderly man with dementia. Its owner had gone to work. Dog was left outside to roam the neighborhood, a barkathon ensued, and noise-weary neighbors called the police. Dog charged at the officers, who responded with deadly force.

A WXYZ-TV report on the incident said, "The Saint Clair Shores Police Chief didn’t want to go on camera, but said police worked for hours to catch the dog with a dog stick.  He says they only shot when they felt the dog posed a danger to them – and kids out on their way to school.  He says neighbors reported the dog running at people in the neighborhood earlier in the morning."

Moral of the Story: If you allow a dog to run loose and threaten your neighbors, don't be surprised if one of them calls the police. Who are armed.

And lest you think that barking and crime don't have a connection, there's this from Virginia:

Complaint about barking dogs in Alexandria leads to dog-fighting arrest

To which I say: Too bad those crooks couldn't teach their dogs to fight quietly.

And how about this story from New York? Tip: If you're on the lam, it's best to keep quiet. And train your dog to do the same.

And, finally, from The Washington Post, we have this advice: Neglectful neighbor shouldn’t have pets. Agreed. And remember, it's okay to be pet-free.

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