Thursday, November 24, 2016

Actions and Reactions

News story from the southeastern United States:

Athens man shoots neighbor’s dog because of its barking, tries beating it to death with bat

What's interesting about this story is not that it's unique. It isn't. This sort of thing has happened before, and, sorry to say, it will happen again.

What's interesting is how it is being viewed in the online comments. Inconsiderate dog owners are mentioned more than once.

Bingo. That's the problem.

As long as inconsiderate owners allow their dogs to bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, and bark, and do nothing about getting the noise to stop, people are going to react in ways that aren't pretty.

Want to avoid this reaction? If you're a dog owner, follow the advice given by this commenter: "Bring your dogs inside if they are barking. I have three dogs and would never expect my neighbors to deal with them barking."