Monday, January 26, 2015

The Cult of Dog

Here's a story that will make your blood boil. Man and his wife move into their Colorado dream house. And then they find that their dream is not to be.

Why not?

Because of the Cult of Dog.

It dictates that you must be forced to listen to nonstop barking from the neighbor dogs. If you make any attempt to get the noise stopped, your life will be ruined. Because that's how things are in the Cult of Dog.

This man tried that advice that we all get -- talk to the neighbor who owns the dog. Didn't work.

He also tried to get help from his local police department. Animal control. Mediation. An attorney. They screwed him over.

Did I mention that this man is medically disabled and needs plenty of rest? Not possible to get that when a dog is bellowing away, just a few feet from your bedroom window.

What did this man's quest for quiet cost him? Here's a list of what was destroyed by his neighbor's unwillingness to control those barking dogs:
  1. His health
  2. His finances
  3. His standing in the community
  4. His marriage
  5. His ability to enjoy the quiet use and peaceful enjoyment of his property
But, in the Cult of Dog, none of these things matter. The Dog is all that matters. The rest of us are just a sideshow.


  1. So many thanks for sharing my story.

    We're about to hit the sixth anniversary of when my wife and I moved into that home ... that neighborhood.

    Unfortunately, I still can't get my health back.

    Now, I'm having heart troubles, and ... because of my history of adverse medication reactions ... the current thought is: we HAVE to treat you (drugs and/or heart surgery), but we CAN'T (safely) treat you.

    The concern is stroke or Sudden Cardiac Death. My dad and his only (baby) brother both died in their 50's of Sudden Cardiac Death.

    I'm 50.

    These hateful, awful, sociopathic, soulless people -- and the government agencies who took their side -- took absolutely everything from me -- a medically disabled man who wanted nothing more than to be able to sleep in his new house, and ... who had never hurt anybody.

    I find myself wondering if, in fact, they actually killed me.

    I would be eternally grateful if anybody who reads this (and my blog post) would SHARE my post ... on Facebook, on Twitter, or however you can.

    This should never have happened to me. It SHOULD NEVER happen to anybody else.

    My humble thanks.....

    1. Your story needs to go viral. So, people, let's make it so. It's time for the Cult of Dog to answer to us!

  2. People must quit bothering with authorities that do not care. Had he took matters into his own hands it would have been better. It is super depressing that dogs have more rights, even ones that kill and maul people!

    If the dog is nice, wait until it escapes, lure it to your place, and go find it a new owner in another town. (they always escape their yards, because if you let your dog bark all day you're irresponsible enough to let it roam) You can easily change the microchip if there is one (unlikely).

    If its dangerous, or a pit bull (worthless shit animals), just kill it. Seriously. There are a million ways to do it, and if you feel bad, remember that it's YOUR health at stake. You or a dog? What is more important here?

    Sure, the authorities will use lots of resources to see what happened if it looks like the dog was purposely killed (especially if its a poor pibble!), the resources that they would never use to help you, but its still worth it if you are careful. If you haven't complained to the cops a bunch, or fought with the owner, the odds of getting caught are low.

    I had a horrible neighbor, and in addition to the dogs non stop barking, he was a wife and child beater and an animal abuser. I felt great getting his dogs new homes! He starved one to death (and HS did nothing!), and beat the others, so I felt justified. I never would have killed one back then, but now that I know how the noise (and danger if its a pit) can destroy your life, I would do it the instant I realized that it would never stop otherwise (if it wasnt able to be rehomed).

    Dog owners- F you all. If you don't like this? QUIET YOUR MUTT and KEEP IT CONTAINED. There are people not sympathetic and who will kill your little 4 legged monster.

    1. Another do-nothing humane society? What a surprise. I used to donate to my local HS, but no longer do. I encourage others to withhold their donations. After all, a steep drop in income got the attention of the Komen people.

    2. I second Anon's response above. I've tried fro YEARS, in different counties to get neighbors to curb the barking of their stupid mutts. You will get nowhere. I hate that it must come to killing a pet, but if its your peace of mind and health at stake or a dog that the owner doesn't seem to care much about, the option seems obvious.

  3. Good article. This experience is, again, the result of a foul "First Principle": That dogs and their owners are BY DEFINITION the agent of what is good.

    From the above, everyone derives that anyone who takes issue with anything that any dog or dog owner does MUST be in the wrong. Note that everyone pegged the victim as the bad guy from the get-go.

    That said, I will indulge in a little victim blaming: NEVER cut the dogger an inch of slack. They feed and thrive on the flexibility and kindness of others, so you CAN NOT extend them any. Nice guys finish last and you are NOT going to get any relief until you go for the jugular. That said, this guy made a huge mistake by putting cordiality ahead of his own health. Strategic fail.

    The most read article on my blog is "letter to my neighbor". This contained the "cease and desist" demand I sent the foaming at the mouth raving dog fanatics across the street. Fortunately, they backed off after that and the dogs were GONE shortly thereafter.

    1. A few months ago, a couple with two yappers moved into the rental next to me. One fine morning, one of them got out and started yap-blasting in my yard. I hollered at it.

      Owner came a-running, sounded apologetic, but I knew he felt no such thing in his heart. He was probably shocked because I hollered at Little Precious.

      Well, we no longer speak to each other. And, last night, I'm trying to get to sleep and guess what. Yap Bomb is out in the yard, filling the neighborhood with useless noise. So, I opened my window, hollered "SHUT UP!" twice, and for some strange reason, the noise stopped.

      As you can see, I've given up on being nice to the owners of barking dogs. The niceness isn't reciprocated. As for not being friends with the next-door neighbors, who cares? I sure don't They're inconsiderate dog owners and I don't make friends with such people.

    2. You really should be careful. Yelling at a dog to shut up is, in many places, considered criminal harassment. Seems ridiculous, but that's the way situations like that are "defused" these days. I found that out the hard way about two months ago.

  4. Yes, that story did make my blood boil.

    Too bad it can't be printed and bulk mailed to all the residents in and around his former neighborhood. with the HOA attitude, there's got to be others suffering from their 'Let 'em Bark" policies.

    1. Thing is, its not that those people do not care... they DO care... about the dog owner! Dog hegemony was maintained and that is a HUGE WIN for them! Those guys would put this story on a christmas card and mail it out to all of their dog loving friends. Its a truly inspirational message!

  5. The podcast of the radio show that I taped earlier this week is now available:

    The show is called On The Commons, and is dedicated to discussing Homeowners Associations.

    If you have time, I hope you'll listen.

  6. This report is so sad and upsetting.

  7. I think it should be called the "Cult of the Pet," and you are correct that animal rights do seem to trump people's rights. I'm having a situation now where my neighbor has taken it into her head to feed feral cats in her yard which is right next to mine. My family and I are awakened at all hours of the night by the yowling and screaming that goes on. We were awakened again last night at 1:50 am. When we go outside in the morning, we get to smell that wonderful, "eau de intact male cat," on my back porch, sheds, cars and fences. I'm waiting for the cat feces to appear in my yard because we all know that's next, as well as the dead birds and mice. Makes my blood boil so I can certainly feel your pain. If she put up special cat fencing and contained her cats to her own yard, there wouldn't be a problem, but why do that? We wouldn't want to confine the little darlings to their owner's yard, now would we? After all, we all know that pets have more rights than humans in today's society.

    1. I'm dealing with the same crap, Anonymous. Literally. I have next-door neighbors who are feeding the, ahem, outdoor cats. They piss and shit over here, and they also chase each other across my roof.

    2. Yikes! You've got me beat with the roof chasing and I hope that's not next in store for us. Thank you for giving me an outlet to vent my frustrations and to know that I am not alone. Try to have a great day and good both of us. We're going to need it.

    3. Anonymous, I've been lining my garden areas with thorny branches. That keeps the neighbors' kitties OUT.

    4. @ANON 5:32- Good way to change the subject: "Hey, lets make it about ALL animal bites! A gerbil bit me once so a Cane Corso is JUST like a gerbil! Lets get rid of those supermauling gerbils!"

      The trauma caused by dog barking WAY outweighs that from ALL other pets COMBINED and everyone knows it. You can't go ANYWHERE and not drown in the constant roar of barking dogs!

      Our neighborhoods? Non stop barking dogs.
      Hiking? Barking dogs.
      Camping? Barking dogs.
      Grocery shopping? Barking dogs.

      You know what, I hike a LOT and I have NEVER heard a cat on a hike. You know what I hear on MOST hikes? Barking Dogs!

      So, take your foolish attempt at equivalence and SHOVE IT! You DOG WORSHIPING ASSHOLE!

    5. Thank you. I hadn't thought of that, but it's worth a try. They come up on top of my fence. I could put thorny, prickly branches on the fence tops to stop them from coming over. Thank you so much for that great idea!

  8. Let's fight it...all the way, folks. I am. We gotta see how far we can take it...are there national or state efforts? Anti bark neighbor movements?