Sunday, January 10, 2016

Barking Dogs and Property Values

So, you've had it up to here with your neighbors' barking dogs. To the point where you're ready to sell the house and move.

Well, not so fast.

You might find that the home selling process is a lot more difficult than you think. In case you're wondering why, here's the reason:


Case in point: News coverage of a proposed dog park and the unhappy neighbors. Money quote from a real estate agent, who was included in the story:

"Those of us in the real estate business know that if you are showing a property and there is a barking dog, it is very unlikely someone will buy or rent it."

Show of hands: Who wants to move to a dog-free community?


  1. Hi YQN,

    As I already lived such a nightmare, you may be interested in visiting this:

    Nice site btw

  2. I couldn't believe someone bought my old house; there were barking dogs in every side (that moved in AFTER I bought the place. Of course.) They must have had a dog too- maybe several?

    I had a fantastic yard and deck, but never (never!) used it because it sounded like a dog pound back there. Literally. 7 backyards lined mine (odd location), *all* with dogs outside all damn day (TX). Then one pit bull on each side, at the front of the house; one of them was a dog abuser and wife beater too.

    I almost lost my mind living there. I rehomed so many of the neighbors abused dogs I felt like a rescue. They escaped way too often.
    But the barking never stopped.
    It was so horrible that for several years after even one bark made me so on edge it would send me into a rage.

    I only live in apartments now, that restrict all noise and enforce it. It's so quiet. I think a strict HOA might also work, but it's so nice to live where I have some control over the neighbors, that I'm hesitant to ever move. Barking? One call stops that. They will evict you so fast you won't know what happened.
    (Heaven is crappy apartments, lol!)

  3. I would LOVE if there were such a thing as a dog-free community. I wonder if a HOA could be organized in several areas in Tucson that would ban ALL pets in sections of various neighborhoods?

  4. I am intent on finding a dog-free community. I swear dog owners must either be stone cold deaf, or not home - or they're one of those weirdos who like to hear their babies cry. How anyone can stand the sound of a barking dog is beyond me. Is there ANYTHING that scares dogs into hiding? I'm determined to find a solution, as I'd rather not move. One idea I had was to set up a system that records my neighbors dogs through the day and play it back over just-as-loud speakers through the night. Hey, if you want to sleep, keep your freakin' dogs quiet!

    1. I personally find dog owners/worshippers are a bit thick ie low IQ. I have had to live with dog barking for over five years, and it will get to the stage of getting a contract out on it.