Friday, July 7, 2017


Despite what many well-meaning people say, I do NOT recommend trying to talk to the owner(s) of barking dog(s). That very thing has gotten people killed.

What do I recommend? Start by checking out this website:

I also suggest a reading of the excellent book, Neighbors from Hell. You can borrow it from the library. Author Bob Borzotta advises that you not deal directly with your problematic neighbors. Use local authorities for that. Here are two helpful phone numbers:

911. Yes, you can report barking. Just make that call. You can remain anonymous.

Animal control. Here in Tucson, the number is 520-724-5900. They'll start the complaint process by sending a Sternly Worded Letter to the dog owner. Yeah, I know. A letter. How scary. Well, you know what? Sometimes this works!

Case in point: Last year, I reported neighbors for failing to control a barking dog and for having a yard full of junk. Shortly after they got the Sternly Worded Letter, they got rid of the dog. Code enforcement got on their case about the junk, and they cleaned it up.

After getting rid of the dog and removing the yard junk, these people moved. The property was a rental and has since been sold.

Even better news, the new occupants don't have a dog and they keep their yard clean. Victory!

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