Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 05/31/12

69yo throws 64yo off balcony in dog bark dispute

Excerpt: Police say the older man had been complaining for some time about a barking dog.

Taking His Doctor’s Advice Could Cost a Combat Veteran His Apartment

Excerpt: [The veteran] is facing eviction from his three-bedroom co-op at Trump Village in Coney Island, Brooklyn, because the housing complex has a no-dogs policy.

Bayport: Off-leash dog park proposed for Barker's Alps Park

Excerpt: But some Bayport residents have raised concerns about adequate parking at Barker's Alps; maintenance of the dog park; and dogs fighting, biting and barking, according to correspondence received at City Hall.

Do You Let Your Dog Bark at Strangers?

Excerpt: Some people unknowingly train their dogs to be aggressive by allowing or encouraging their dog to bark at strangers. People believe this is acceptable behavior because the dog is supposed to guard and protect the family. All too often, acceptance of this behavior by the owner leads to an attack against the neighbor or the postal carrier.

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From the Advice Department, we have the following questions...

How to quiet a neighbors barking dog?

My favorite answer (because I've done this): "Call the neighbor at 3 AM when the dog is barking and say, 'Your dog is barking' and hang up."

Believe it or not, the neighbors were sleeping soundly through their dog's ear-shattering yap-a-thon. Wish I could have had whatever they'd been using before they went to bed.

Sleepless night - barking dog. Advice needed

Question: Yesterday, tenants moved into the house over the fence (bottom of garden, not next door) and I was kept awake most of the night by their dog which they left in the garden to bark and, at various points howl. Started at 10pm, finally stopped at about 6am. I don't actually understand the mentality of that, even though I'm not a dog owner; I just found it a disgrace. Obviously it was a warm night so I had to have windows open. If it happens again tonight, what should I do?

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The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. Want to offer some advice to the inconsiderate dog owners in your life? Well, that could be risky. To the point where you could be the one thrown off a balcony. Instead, get your point across quietly with the tee shirts and other clothing in my QuietBarkingDogs store. Or give your car something cool to wear -- the QuietBarkingDogs store has plenty of bumper stickers.

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