Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 10/11/12

Oakley leaders waiting on county to put bite in barking dog ordinance

Excerpt: Both the city and county have rules on the books that are difficult to enforce. Oakley's ordinance stipulates that a dog must be barking incessantly for at least 15 minutes or intermittently for 30 minutes for the noise to be considered a violation. Proving that requires an officer to remain on site for that length of time, which city officials acknowledge is not feasible.

The county's ordinance is similarly problematic because it requires people in two separate households to file a complaint before authorities will issue a citation. Bona fide violations often go unpunished because only one neighbor is willing to sign the form...

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Resident seeks solution to neighbours’ barking dogs issue

Excerpt: [The resident] said there are 12 acreages near her home, with nine of them owning dogs, not including a local animal rescue in the area.

Out of a total of 15 dogs on the nine acreages, six are allowed to run free with no containment and three are kept chained to a leash or are behind an electric fence.

She said six owners leave their dogs unattended from 24 to 96 hours at a time and in this case, barking never ceases.

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Editorial: Letting dogs bark constantly is rude

Excerpt: Yes, we may, indeed, have greater things to worry about in our world today - war, the economy, poverty and on and on.

But shushing their barkings dog shouldn't be too much to ask of our neighbors.

It's a matter of respect for others and common courtesy.

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Shelter: Horn to quiet dogs creating a racket

Excerpt: A company located behind an animal shelter put up a horn to try to discourage the dogs from barking. But, the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society said it's their neighbor making all the noise.

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