Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today's Traffic Adventure

I was bicycling home from a meeting when I stopped at one of Tucson's busiest intersections. What should pull up to me but an SUV with a dog in the back seat.

The dog saw me and started barking. I guess it associated bicyclists with its list of Things That Must Be Barked At.

I wasn't in the mood to be barked at.

So, I yelled "Shut up!" at the dog. Several times, in fact.

Owner rolled down the passenger side and I was getting ready for a barrage of bad language from him when the light changed. Whew.

I didn't see driver or dog again. Thank goodness for that.

But this dog owner did nothing to stop his dog from barking. Nothing at all.

Another FIDO.

Let's just say that the final three letters of that acronym stand for "Ignorant Dog Owner." I'll leave you to guess what the first letter stands for.

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