Friday, September 28, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 09/28/12

Princeton board again delays action on nuisance dog

Excerpt: Selectmen voted unanimously last night to continue until Oct. 22 a barking dog hearing that began on Feb. 14, 2011.

At the meeting next month, the board will assess progress to date on curbing the dog’s barking.

The dog, a 6-year-old rescue hound named [Loudmouth] has been the subject of a dispute between its owners, [call them the Clueless People], and neighbors [the Suffering People], who made the initial complaint, and [Another Neighbor Who's Been Subjected to the Din].

Based on last night’s recommendation by Animal Control Officer [Somebody] , the owners will be expected to buy and use a new citronella collar, to consult with a behavioral veterinarian and to provide additional exercise for the dog.

On and on this story goes. You won't be at all surprised to learn that the citro-collar order has been disregarded. After all, this is a RESCUE dog, and how dare we interfere with its non-stop self expression? Because RESCUE dogs are the most perfect and wonderful dogs ever.

County barking dog complaints down compared to 2011 

Excerpt: From May 28 through Sept. 2, 26 reports of barking dogs were called into the Park County Sheriff’s Office. That’s a 16 percent decrease from the total of 31 complaints for the same period a year ago.

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Barking Dogs Disrupt Otherwise Peaceful Tranquility Of New York City

Excerpt: There is a dog that lives across the street from my apartment building. I can’t see this dog, and I have no idea what it looks like, and despite this, the dog and I have a very intimate relationship. Every time a truck rumbles by, or a police siren wails, or thunder crashes, this invisible dog barks incessantly for the next 45 minutes. In the back of mind I always wondered if this was the worst dog in existence, but now I know that he is not.

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The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. Okay, so I took another swipe at the misuse of the word "rescue." But, in the context of purchasing a dog from a shelter, the word "rescue" is a bit of a stretch. It doesn't rise to the level of heroism as, say, carrying a child out of a burning building. Or saving a blind man from drowning in a river, which a youthful Ronald Reagan did while he was a lifeguard in Illinois.

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  1. A few comments on the Princeton situation.

    New Jersey (NJ) is my state or origin and one reason I got out of there was the fact that NJ is THE most corrupt state in the USA, though Illinois is definitely in the running!

    The situation in Princeton is a classic example of NJ municipal authorities "Making work" so they can all justify their jobs and huge salaries. They also create this drama to get their names in the papers, hire "consultants" and take a kickback from same, and generally waste as much time and resources as possible so they and their buddies can seriously line their deep pockets with taxpayer largesse!

    Again, the thing to do would be to simply cite the dog owner for disturbance of the peace. Thing is, they are not going to do that since simple solutions present less opportunity for graft and milking taxpayers.

    Again, this is not REALLY a "dog thing", its a "NJ thing". They are are using this barking dog situation as another opportunity to squeeze taxpayers for every last dime. This is how they do EVERYTHING.