Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 11/29/12

Dear Abby: Barking dog is keeping couple apart

Excerpt: "Princess" is a 2-year-old rat terrier/mini-pinscher mix. She weighs nine pounds and is spoiled. She barks at anyone and anything she sees. Her barks are shrill and can be annoying. But I live alone and feel she is protecting me.

Richard can no longer tolerate Princess' barking and has curbed his visits considerably. Except for this issue, he is my dream guy, and I feel lucky to have found him. I feel Richard should understand my attachment to Princess, especially when he’s not around.

Your Quiet Neighbor's personal to Richard: Get out of this relationship while you still can. Don't walk away from this drama queen and her spoiled Princess. Run, Richard, run!

Dog Owners Turn To ‘Debarking’ Surgery To Keep Their Dogs

Excerpt: Most cities have a noise ordinance and [the owner] had already received complaints, fines and even a court summons about her barking dog. She doesn’t care who thinks she’s cruel; she simply didn’t want her dog taken away from her.

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Barking law shuts up humans

Excerpt: The City of Cape Town says it has received fewer complaints about barking dogs since a controversial bylaw came into effect last year.

But dog trainers say the bylaw, which fines owners if their dogs bark for more than six minutes in an hour, is difficult, if not impossible, to police.

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  1. debarking should be criminalized. people should not be allowed to have dogs if their barking disturbs the neighbors.

  2. besides, i have encountered dogs that have been debarked. they STILL bark, just not quite as loud.