Friday, February 1, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 02/01/13

Judge bars vet's barking service dog

Excerpt: A judge barred a combat veteran attending a trial from bringing his service dog into a Detroit courthouse after the miniature poodle barked at jurors.

You'll love this part of the story: "The dog, prescribed for post-traumatic stress disorder, has been trained to bark when strangers approach."

Which means this poodle must be a non-stop yapping machine. After all, there are a lot of strangers out there.

From the TWBNR Advice Column Department, we have this question:

my neighbor has her dog tied up about 10 feet from my childs window. the stupid thing sits out there and barks 24/7..ive called the cops...they do nothing..left the neighbor at my wits end....any other suggestions?

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  1. Funny: The dog has been "trained" to bark when a stranger approaches.

    Gee, that must have been SO difficult! Hey, I trained my dog to eat Steak! Fido is a genius!