Friday, March 22, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 03/22/13

Slow news week last week. Hence, no Barking News Roundup. But don't think for a minute that peace and quiet have broken out. Because the Roundup is back.

Barking Dog Log' Triggered following Complaint

Excerpt: The complainant, a resident of [Non-Stop Noise Assault] Lane, must keep up the 14-day log in order for police to assess a fine for the owner of three dogs nearby.

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My favorite: "
No one wants to listen to three dogs barking on a regular basis, sad that the responsibility falls on the neighbor to prove it. Furthermore, the dog owners must be aware of the situation, why don't they correct it?"

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From the TWBNR Advice Column Department, we have these two questions:

I have a new neighbour directly behind me who has a large dog who is left outside all the time--in a completely paved in backyard--even in the cold weather we've been having. Consequently it barks a lot, in fact it's barking right now. I was so fed up with it at one point last week that I knocked on the owner's door at 12:30 in the morning to ask him to let his dog in the house, or at least get it to be quiet.

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Yesterday I had my windows opened and had to listen to that [bleep] for 4 hours straight, with windows closed I can still can hear the [bleeper].

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  1. for dogs that are left outside all or most of the time, the onus should be on the dog owner to prove that it does NOT bark.