Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 03/29/13

Another good night's sleep ruined by barking dogs. Hence, this post goes out to all of those idiot neighbors who can't seem to keep the dogs inside. Oh, if you can't handle the dogs inside your house, here's a suggestion: Don't bother having a dog. Because it's obvious that you can't take responsibility for one.

Mariaville approves barking dog ordinance

Excerpt: Anyone bothered by a barking dog can make a written complaint to the town's animal control officer or to a law enforcement official. That official can then investigate the complaint, and issue the owner a warning if needed.

A second incident will result in the owner being summoned for a civil violation. Upon conviction, that person will be fined $25. Additional convictions will result in fines of $50 for each incident.

Tip: If I owned a barking dog in Mariaville, I'd be laughing my butt off. Because this new ordinance has no teeth whatsoever. This story is open for comments. Let 'em have it!

[Elected official's] help with barking dogs offers example of his leadership

Excerpt: [The official] takes the initiative to keep our neighborhood great. For instance, over the years, there have been several nuisances with barking dogs in the neighborhood. [He] would work with residents to help reduce the noise.

Tip: Here's an elected official who's worthy of support. And this letter to the editor is open for your comments. Follow the above link and share.

The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. Show the idiot dog owners what you think of the endless noise. Check out the QuietBarkingDogs store. Clothing and bumper stickers that make your point. Quietly.

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  1. The best way to stop one's own dog from barking is to take the dog out for leashed walks and keep him in the house otherwise, or, to play with him in the backyard but to bring him in after the game is over. Dogs left in backyards unattended are the ones who do all the barking.

    Walking the dog is good exercise for both dog and owner and leashed dogs on walks don't seem to bark at all at anything. Make sure you bring enough plastic bags with you when you go, and to keep the dog leashed at all times nomatter how well trained you think he is.

    If you do this, the dog will be safe and happy, and so will the neighbors. Win-win situation for everybody.