Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 08/21/13

This Roundup is dedicated to that bullshit excuse that is often lobbed at us: It's Not The Dog's Fault. Meaning that while our houses are filled with the sonic sewage that is nonstop barking, we must not even think of hurting the poor doggie-woggie.

What are we to do about this worthless POS of an excuse? Lob it right back. Ask this question: If it's not the dog's fault, then whose fault is it and why is nothing being done about it?

Sussex County: 'Excessive' dog barking ordinance introduced

Excerpt: As presented, the ordinance defines excessive barking as any dog, male or female, that barks for a continuous period of 30 minutes or more.

Bullshit ordinances like this lead to the bullshit excuse given above.

Summerhill couple fined £6,000 plus costs over barking dogs nuisance

Excerpt: Environmental health officers were sent to investigate and found there was a noise nuisance caused by the excessive barking of the couple’s two German Shepherds.

They were issued with a noise abatement notice which was breached on several occasions between November 2012 and March 2013, resulting in their prosecution.

Occasionally, justice is served. Here's another example...

Man acquitted after firing airgun over dog barking

Excerpt: Experts were unable to determine when and how the dog was hurt, meaning the charge of cruelty to animals could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

But remember, it's not the dog's fault. Barking NEVER is!

Barking dogs are a nuisance and councils are right to increase fines for owners who don't control pets

Excerpt: A barking dog is a responsibility that needs to be dealt with, not a right that can be ignored.

Right on!

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  1. many years ago, i got into air horn battle with my neighbor's barking dog. he called the cops which is what i wanted him to do :-)

  2. "Ask this question: If it's not the dog's fault, then whose fault is it and why is nothing being done about it?"

    Sometimes it's the cat's, not the cat, but the lazy, selfish cat owner who lets the cat run through everybody's yard all day and ALL night, pooping, peeing, killing, dropping dead things, dispersing fleas, ticks, lice, mites, disease, sitting on neighbor's cars AND SETTING THE DOGS OFF!

    Why isn't anything being done about it? Ask the politicians why they won't legislate cat owners to be more responsible and prevent kitty from becoming neighborhood nuisances. A good kitty leash law and anti-roaming law nationwide would be a good start.

    I like to take my dog out in the cool of the morning in my fenced backyard to play fetch, but I have to go inside when my neighbor's cat runs across my front yard because I don't want my dog barking. Do you think that's fair that I have to go inside to accomodate my neighbor's cat on MY property??