Saturday, July 30, 2016

Protection Dogs

It's 3:21 a.m. and here I am at the computer.

Why? Same dogs as two nights ago. They're barking their heads off. Again.

I don't know their owners, and, quite frankly, I don't want to. Why not? Because they're probably going to tell me that they have the robo-barkers for protection.

And you know what? Those dogs are doing a great job! They're preventing the following:
  1. Peace and quiet
  2. A good night's sleep for the neighbors
Protection, my ass.

Oh, if those dogs were barking at a prowler, hell, that crook left the neighborhood an hour ago.

And the barking continues.


  1. You are right, the a-holes are probably going to argue that the dogs are "burglar alarms" or some such thing.

    In the case of the nuisance barker, this trope is absurd on its face. What good is an alarm that goes off all the time for no reason? Its the proverbial "boy who cried wolf". Moreover, we get told to "just get used to it"... what good is an alarm that everyone is told to just ignore?

    If a dog-worshiper claims their robo-barker is a burglar alarm, SOP should be to call the cops every time it barks. Put them on the hook for a false alarm every time. Complainant can argue that they were instructed that the dog was an alarm, and that they assumed that every time it barked there must be a crime in progress. Put them on the hook for explaining it away.

  2. Sir, tomorrow morning please go to a sports shop or any other place that sells those super powerful firecrackers, some people call them 'rockets', and fire then to the air on the direction over the place where the barkers may be. Do it a couple of times and it will teach the beasts it is time to stop. And the owner/s will notice too. Dogs are extremely afraid of it.

    Do they start again, do it again.

    Your adrenalin will jump high, but you will feel great. Perhaps in silence, too.

    Don't worry about other neighbors, they are as guilt as the dog nut by having done nothing.

    1. Dear A Friend -
      When I was a kid and there was a robobarker across the street, one of the neighbors started shooting off M80's to try to shut it up. Worked for like 2 minutes and it'd start up again. Also, the guy with the firework's wife started wondering were the big holes were coming from in her lawn.

  3. To Anonymous:
    You have to do it and do it over and over again. Just firing a single one or just a few fireworks in one single night and expecting the barker to shut up for life is being quite naive. And lazy, too, with no disrespect to you.
    My point: Try all the approaches available to you, more than just one time.