Tuesday, August 2, 2016

He's doing his job!

You've probably heard this one from your barking dog-owning neighbors and friends. (What? You're still friends with those people?)

Turns out that the sonic sewage has a purpose. The dog is doing his job!

Well, peeps, don't let this one go. Question it. Here are three ideas. Feel free to use them in your next conversation with these dog owners.
  1. He's doing his job? Great! When it comes to creating noise pollution, his performance is off the charts! Good boy, Fido!
  2. Oh, so he has a job to do. Hmmm, would that be preventing peace and quiet in our neighborhood?
  3. So, his job is to reduce crime? Really? Does he know how to dial 911? And how about a neighborhood watch group? Those are quite effective. Is he organizing one?
So, there you have 'em. Three ideas. Feel free to add more in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. Barking dogs are nothing but a nuisance. Dogs bark. That's what they do. People who own them should be aware of this, and it is their responsibility to keep their prescious noise polluter under control. They shouldn't be surprised when someone complains about the noise. A dog's bark is jarring, annoying and unwelcome, and a dog that barks at everything is alerting no one to nothing, and only pushes the boundaries of mesophonia. I didn't hire my neighbor's freakin' dog to do any job - can it mow my lawn or fix my fence? Maybe it could fix some "faulty" electrical wiring for me, eh?
    You dog; your problem. And if it keeps barking around my HOME, then guess what? You have a freakin' problem! Irresponsible dog owners that can bother themselves to get their dogs trained to bark only when necessary (i.e. for a REASON), should not own a single dog. Ever. Barking at every stranger (or friend) who crosses your easement (or street!) is not a reason. And I bet they'd be on the phone to the cops if I stood out on my porch yelling "hey! Hey! Hey!" randomly throughout the day and night.