Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 06/13/12

SWAT arrests Fort Collins man over barking dog dispute

Excerpt: [The suspect], who is medically disabled and struggles to sleep due to chronic eye pain, began complaining about his neighbor’s dogs almost immediately after moving into the upscale West Vine Bungalows neighborhood with his wife in February 2009.

He complained that his neighbors’ two dogs barked all day long while their owners were away. He sent what he called “kindly notes” asking the owners to quiet their dogs. He consulted an animal behaviorist and suggested the dogs’ owners buy bark collars.

He got no satisfaction.

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Gearhart gives tentative approval to beefed up barking dog ordinance

Excerpt: The Gearhart City Council has tentatively approved a revised ordinance that would levy fines against the owner of a dog which persistently barks or howls, indoors or outdoors, for five minutes or more four times within an hour.

Coming up next: Gearhart dogs learn how to tell time.

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Try a shock collar

Excerpt: Dog owners put their dogs in the backyard, tied up or in a kennel, and then go off to work. And the dogs bark all day. Most of us live in close quarters, and it is rude, unneighborly and illegal to let your dogs bark.
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Dog ownership and urban living

Excerpt:  I recall one incident in particular where a dog’s barking drove me up the wall one morning while I was trying to do some writing at home in Sherwood. After an hour of putting up with the barking, I decided enough was enough, and went out to search for the source of the noise. An elderly neighbour soon joined me, saying she was going to give the dog owner a piece of her mind for the ruckus the animal was creating.

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