Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 06/28/12

Document Barking Dogs for Court Chesterfield Police Say

Excerpt: The main thing to do if you find a neighbor, for example, has persistent barking dogs, is to take it upon yourself to document the times and duration of the disturbance. This could be as simple as writing it down. Video with sound, and photos are helpful, yet still log the time of day, and how long the barking goes on. Don't trespass to get evidence.

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Dog barking complaints silenced for the summer

Excerpt: They may be all bark and no bite, but it is their yapping that has landed them in trouble with selectmen.

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Barking dog? Try psychiatry

Excerpt: ''We are seeing more and more behaviour problems in our companion animals,'' she added. ''We all have busy lifestyles, so quite often cats and dogs are spending less time with their owners and less time being socialised.

From the Advice Department, we have this question...

Dear Prudie: My boyfriend hates dogs. Should I postpone our marriage until mine dies?

Excerpt: I have a 9-year-old cocker spaniel. I've raised him since he was a puppy and I think of him as my four-legged son. However, my boyfriend of 10 months is allergic to dogs. He also dislikes them. He was attacked by one as a child and now won't go near dogs at all. As such, he almost never comes to my place. We are very committed to each other and wish to get married soon. [Yada-yada. Yada-yada.] Am I really nuts for putting my furry baby ahead of human babies?

My Answer: Yes you are nuts. Your cocker spaniel is a dog, not a human son. Nor is it a baby. When it was very young, it was a puppy. Since you're already a chronological adult, work on becoming an emotional adult.

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