Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 07/20/12

 Dog owners stand up for their hunting heritage

Translation: They're publicly announcing their preference for being inconsiderate jerks. And the newcomers to the area aren't interested in putting up with such loutish behavior.

PS: I grew up next to a family that had hunting dogs. And they weren't nonstop barkers.

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Pet Peeves: Why Is That Dog Barking So Much?

Excerpt: I'm at a swanky Studio City eatery. I'm enjoying the perfect soup, crispy salad with just the right tang, and the almost famous crowd all around, dressed provocatively and colorfully.


A dog at a table across the patio is letting everyone have an earful.

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LPD: Shooting started over barking dog dispute

Excerpt: Lincoln police say [the victim] was in his front yard with his 2-year-old daughter nearby.  Police say [his next door neighbor] approached them, and an argument broke out... They say this was all because of [the victim's] barking dog. Apparently the two had argued over the dog before.

The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. My QuietBarkingDogs store is where you can drop hints for clueless barking dog owners. Yes, I'm assuming that those people can actually read and comprehend words, but sometimes that is indeed the case. Here's a tee shirt with a lot of synonyms for barking -- maybe they'll get your drift. Or, how about a bumper sticker for spreading the word far and wide? Like this catchy "Responsible Owners Keep Their Dogs Quiet" sticker?


  1. There are two behaviors that some dog owners engage in that I find annoying and would like to post here. Both behaviors cause increased barking, so this is probably the best place to post them.

    (1) If I am walking down the block with my leashed dog and I pass your house, and your dogs are inside and spot us through the window, and they start barking inside your house, PLEASE DO NOT open your doors and let them outside to charge the fence and bark their heads off at us. Most people call their dogs in when they bark, so why would anyone do the opposite and put them OUT when they start to bark??? My dog and I are just passing through. We will be gone in seconds and your inside barking dogs will stop barking. Why would you let them out to annoy the neighbors?? Yet, there are people who do this.

    (2) If you are walking your leashed dog down the block and you pass a house where the dogs are out and they charge the fence and start to bark, PLEASE DO NOT bring your leashed dog to the fence to further fuel the barking, the anxiety and the frustration. Why would you do this? I'm sure the neighbors are pissed off that you do this and I'm sure the homeowner is pissed off because he/she just wants the dogs to do their business and get back inside. Yet, there are people who do this too. Just keep walking. The dogs will stop barking if you continue your walk, but if you bring your dog nose to nose at the fence line for whatever reason is going on in your mind, they will continue to bark.

    Hopefully, people who engage in these two annoying behaviors will read this and maybe stop doing them. Hopefully.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Anonymous. Your comment illustrates something that I've long believed. And that is the irresponsibility of dog owners. I think that at least half of them have no business owning a dog.

    2. Is it irresponsibility or is it stupidity or a little of both? It happened again this morning. It was a beautiful morning. Cool. Dry. Sunny. I put my dog on his leash and off we went. We passed a house where a dog was out for his morning business, and of course, he started to bark at the fence line as we quickly walked by. Okay. But wait!! The house next door to this one has three dogs. They were inside at first, but the owner immediately let them out even though he or she must have heard the other one barking! Now there are four dogs barking and it's 6:15 am!! Now, I'm just passing through so the barking isn't going to bother me, but the people who live around these folks must be livid!

    3. Anonymous, you just described one set of next-door neighbors to a tee. Three little dogs that charge the fence and yip-yap at any dog-walker going by. Not to mention a lot of people walking without a dog.

      Trust me, it makes me very livid. And, when I've told people where I live, more than one has asked if I'm the one who owns those dogs. It's almost as if they want to have a little talk with me about training them.

      Sorry, folks. I live next door. And those dogs are as un-trainable as their owners.