Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 07/26/12

Mailman kicks barking dog, woman wants vet bills paid

Excerpt:  A woman who tried to get the post office to pay her dog’s vet bill after a mailman kicked the barking dog away from him ended up losing mail delivery to her residence, police said.

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Jones does not support barking dog ordinance

Excerpt: As a candidate for the District 4 Jackson County Commissioner seat, let me state clearly that I am not on the fence on this issue and I clearly have a position. I do not support a countywide barking dog ordinance and oppose any amendment to the Jackson County Noise Ordinance that attempts to institute a countywide barking dog provision.

While I sympathize with those who feel they have a problem with a nearby dog, to think that county government in Jackson County can quiet dogs from the South Carolina line to the Qualla Boundary and all points in between is simply not practical.

Secondly, a countywide barking dog policy ignores the rich hunting heritage of a great number of Jackson County residents. In an age when hunting rights are under attack already, I will not support any laws that continue to undermine those rights.

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Chronically barking dog is a $150 fine

Question: We live in east Medford near Lone Pine School and we have a horrible problem with dogs barking. These dogs bark any time, day or night. The owners seem oblivious to the sound and apparently don't care. Contacting them would only point out the obvious. Other neighbors have commented to us and feel the same. With the warm weather, we have our windows open at night, and the dog barking keeps everyone awake. What can be done? I don't want to be a grouchy neighbor, but, geez, enough is enough. 

Barking dogs could take bite out of Fairview wallets

Excerpt: A new Fairview Township ordinance authorizes township officials to investigate barking dog complaints and fine owners up to $500 for persistently noisy dogs.

Dog owner: Neighbor slit dog's throat to stop barking

Excerpt: [A member] of the Animal Rescue League of Northwest Georgia saved [the dog] from a local county shelter.

"The story I got when I picked him up from the shelter was the neighbors had been complaining that he barked so much and their belief is one of the neighbors slit his throat," [the dog's new owner] said.

The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. Another week. Another Barking News Roundup. And those clueless dog owners never seem to learn. Meanwhile, the rest of us are getting fed up. But let's not stoop to the level of irresponsible dog owners and spew noise into our neighborhoods. Let's share our displeasure quietly. My QuietBarkingDogs store is full of to-the-point tee shirts and bumper stickers that leave no doubt as to how you stand.


  1. YQN: Keep up the good work! A couple of thoughts....

    On the mail carrier. This is part of the up and coming backlash: Mail carriers have had it with being harassed and attacked by dogs on their routes. We are approaching zero tolerance for malicious dog owners that "sic" their dog on anyone and everyone nearby. Mail carriers have a right to pursue their job in peace and safety. If I were "King" I would require that all mail carriers carry service pistols and shoot any animal that behaves threateningly towards them. If the owner pursues the attack, then they should be shot as well.

    In regards to the idiot candidate: Hey dummy, if they wrote every barking dog owner a $500 ticket every time they heard a nuisance barker, they would MAKE money. The jerk is nothing but a complete fool and a TOOL of the corrupt pet lobby. Hunting rights, indeed! Why is it I can shoot any "varmint" EXCEPT the flood of at large dogs in my neighborhood? Hmmmm? Dogs are causing WAY more problems than wild hogs, racoons, rats or anything else I am "allowed" to terminate at whim.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Animal Uncontrol. Roger on the upcoming backlash. I think that the insurance industry will also be a part of it. Because said industry is getting very tired of paying claims in dog bite cases.

      I'll also betcha money that the plaintiff's bar is more than a little interested in the problems caused by chronic barking. I know of a couple of cases where the neighbors of the barking dogs got such severe cases of high blood pressure that they had to go on medication.

  2. Candidate Jones is laughable. Apparently he represents dog fighters and fools who don't know enough to care of a dog.

    A barking dog problem means that there is an idiot who doesn't know how to take care of a dog behind it.

    Only idiot hunters have barking dog problems. It isn't common practice.

    Maybe he is calling all hunters idiots, or maybe he is really supporting the dog fighters?

  3. That Cathy Roth of the Animal Rescue League of Northwest Georgia takes the idiot award. The pit bull was being neglected and allowed to run around loose and bark all the time, and of course it either got attacked or hit by a car, or snagged on barbed wire, or one of the many things that happen to loose, neglected dogs.

    The story about the neighbor was an obvious fabrication to get sympathy and avoid responsibility for neglecting and abusing the dog.

    Roth is dinterested in the owner abuse, but sure seems interested spreading around a lie to try to make money, which of course is why the article was written to begin with. It's like an internet money scam. pread a rumor to get stupid people to send money, and screw over the dog by letting the owners go without punishment.

    Animal control officers like Roth are a danger to themselves and others and the dogs too! Roth is spreading a lie about an innocent person to protect the guilty and make fast cash.