Friday, August 17, 2012

Creating More Victims of Dogs

One of the most baffling problems that the victims of barking noise face is the indifference, if not downright hostility, of officialdom.

In a recent post, I recounted a pattern of police intimidation that I faced after I repeatedly tried to report the loud and hostile barking from a neighbor's pit bull. Dog was left outside in a yard with a very flimsy fence. It could have breached that containment very easily.

And did I mention that this yard was right next to a very busy sidewalk and street? With bicyclist and pedestrian traffic at all hours of the day and night? Yeah, we felt real safe going past that dog. Oh, did we ever.

Fortunately, the dog and its owners left our neighborhood. Alas, that proverbial door didn't hit 'em where the Good Lord split 'em.

Unfortunately, this is not the first problem this neighborhood has experienced with aggressive pit bulls. There's another set of ne'er-do-wells with a trio of very hostile barkers. And, wouldn't you know it, this particular address is one of the top police call generators for this neighborhood. Funny how that works, isn't it?

A nearby couple enjoys taking walks around our neighborhood. They've encountered these dogs more than once, barking and snarling their heads off behind a chain-link fence that they could easily jump over. On one memorable occasion, this couple heard one of the children at this house telling the dogs to be quiet. An adult told the child not to do that. Reason: The dogs are supposed to be nasty and intimidating toward anyone going by. Including an innocent couple doing nothing more than walking on the other side of the street.

I've been chased by these dogs on more than one occasion. I've also witnessed one of them attacking a neighbor who was pulling his trashcan in from the curb on a Wednesday evening. Wednesday is our neighborhood's trash pickup day.

The guy was so shaken that I had to help him make a 911 call. And here's the fun part: The police came out, and as far as we neighbors can tell, the dog owners got off with nothing more than a reprimand.

Mind you, this was a few months after these same dogs chased a kid getting off the school bus. Kid called 911, the police came out, and the owners denied that the dogs were theirs. Heck, they'd never even seen the dogs before. Well, the police went on a little knock -n- talk tour of the block, and the neighbors told the truth. Animal control came and took those dogs away. Neighborhood breathed a sigh of relief.

Our relief was short-lived. The dogs were back in this neighborhood a few days later.

So much for the public health and safety being protected. I'm becoming all the more convinced that officialdom couldn't care less about such a thing. And their indifference is creating more victims of dogs.


  1. YQN, could you possibly pass this on to dogsbite blog about Rebecca Carey, the dangerous dog person killed by her own dogs? I thought you might be interested in this too, as this is all linked to animal control. (i can't get my comment to post on the blog and I thought this was an important finding)

    Gwinnett County Animal Control was dumping these violent dogs with Rebecca.

    They advertised their dumping on their government, tax funded site in order to encourage other people to come and take violent dogs off their hands.

    Another victim of No Kill.

    Also Best Friends Animal Society was involved with her.


    1. Thanks, Anonymous! I shared the link with DBO. I also made a screenshot of the web page and sent that too. Just in case the original page, ahem, disappears.

  2. Problems with police like this are common.

    You need to get an attorney to file a detailed complaint with not only the cops but their bossses as well, like the mayor, council, all those.

    Put them on notice that an attack or death is inevitable, and they refuse to do a thing.

    When they know that they will pay the price for their negligence, they suddenly do their jobs. It's on record. They can't blow people off.

    Also check to see if animal control is involved with breeders or no kill, and pushing their personal politics on everyone else.

    1. Here in Pima County, Arizona, our animal control agency is indeed involved with the pit pushers. So is the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. They use the wigglebutts in their advertising.

      And while we're on this topic, check out this list of "rescue" group partners:

      Heading the list is Adopt-A-Bull, and guess what they're putting back into our community. As a taxpaying resident of Pima County, I feel SO safe. Not.

      Thanks, Pima Animal Care Center, for being negligent in your role as part of the Pima County Health Department.

  3. I'd contact a state representative too, because your cops and animal control are more dangerous than the criminals! They are setting up a disaster. They seem to be more interested in protecting a potential fighting dog operation than kids.

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  5. YQN, thank you for the tip.

    The problem in your area (and Gwinnett county's too so it seems) is that animal control is trying to perpetuate this No Kill fake.

    The people who run animal control make a lot of money if they can pull the wool over people's eyes and convince locals that animal control thru No Kill is magically saving all the doggies (despite the fact that there are too many being bred and many are dangerous.)

    They can't and they aren't magically fixing the problem because they aren't dealing with the breeding problem. So they need people like Rebecca (and other used and abused rescue tools) to take these dangerous dogs off their hands so animal control and the breeders can pretend that No Kill is working and everything is all right.

    The best comparison I can make is a shell game.

    Animal control is just preying on the community, including the rescuers, so that they can keep the breeders happy and not regulated. Breeders just want to keep pumping out litters without taking responsibility, and then getting everyone else to pay the ultimate price.

    No Kill just wants to abandon these animals to keep the fake looking good on the surface. Then the ones working in animal control get to keep their income.

    Some of the ones in animal control are breeders themselves.

    They try to silence the ones that speak the truth but as pointed out when lawyers are putting them on notice, they can't get away with their fraud. Bullies can only bully so much, until people officially put them on notice, and the politicians know that they will be held responsible for allowing this fraud.

  6. I wonder if the dogs weren't euthanized immediately because Gwinnett County Animal Control knew the dogs they had given her killed her, and they would be held accountable.

    Her parents sahould have sued them and requested that the state do a criminal investigation into this animal control department.

  7. It looks like the No Kill dangerous dog dealers at Gwinnett County Animal Control were also racist too. These are the ones dumping dangerous dogs and using people like Rebecca.


    I'm not surprised. The No Kill pit bull pushing thing is connected to the breeders and dog fighters, and Georgia is one of the big dog fighting states. They use No Kill to get rid of their surplus, and the ones they shift into private homes that don't work out and get abandoned. There are a hell of a lot of pit bull breeders in Georgia that don't want any laws affecting their middle class gangster businesses. So they just infiltrated animal control through No Kill.

    Fulton County actually hired someone who was involved with dog fighting along with her husband to run animal control, until the proverbial dog doo hit the fan and she was busted. Emory College was still harboring her, last I knew.

    No Kill pit bull pushing is wildly racist, in so many different ways.

    Presa breeders are in there with them.

    I'm thinking that either someone connected to animal control was a presa breeder, or that a local presa breeder was unloading their extra really special violent dogs with animal control, the ones that didn't get shipped through internet ads to some other state for people there to deal with.

  8. You may want to pass this along instead of posting. Here they are. Sure enough, Gwinnett County animal Control hooked up with Nathan Winograd No Kill Nation.


    Winograd represents the breeders, and the dog fighters say he represents their interests.

    He advocates unloading dangerous dogs into the community to hide the overbreeding (and ultimately the dog fighting breeding) and to protect breeders from responsibility. This has gone on in every animal control & shelter he and his group have infiltrated. Philadephia, Indianapolis, and so on.

    Nathan Winograd's front group is No Kill Nation. They got Gwinnett County animal control to hire dupes to dump dangerous dogs into people's homes. No Kill Gwinnett was his activity and his employees and his front group.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. Interesting that you should mention Nathan Winograd. He came to Tucson for some big presentation back in 2008.

      After Nathan left town in a blaze of glory, or whatever he leaves a town in, the Pima Animal Care Center veered off in the direction of No-Kill. Oh, did they ever.

      They're still under the influence of that toxic beverage, and as you can surmise from my posts, we, the majority of the taxpaying residents of Pima County, are not the beneficiaries. Our local No-Kill fanatics are.

  9. Whatever happened to that case where some anonymous person had shot seven pit bulls? Did pit-freaks in that neighborhood get the message?

    It may well be (in fact it looks likely) that only this kind of vigilante justice (cos justice it is) might wake up corrupt authorities.

    1. RE: Vigilantes. Sweetie Pie, do you have a link on that? I'd be interested to know more.

      Personally, I do NOT recommend "Mission Impossible" type solutions. I.E. poisoning, shooting, kidnapping, etc... the dogs. There are several problems with that, not the least of which is you may wind up a convicted felon while the malicious dog owner gets to play the victim. Even borderline self-defense scenarios, such as the Russell Banks case, can get you into trouble. And, of course, the nutters come out of the woodwork with endless pro-pit "spam", i.e. "Snookums was just doing his job!" Yes, intimidating everyone within a huge radius.

      I think we are going to have to add "Getting Banked" to the Lexicon!

  10. "this couple heard one of the children at this house telling the dogs to be quiet. An adult told the child not to do that. Reason: The dogs are supposed to be nasty and intimidating toward anyone going by"

    And, that says it all. Its HOME INSECURITY: Dog owners of that stripe are deeply disturbed and feel entitled to threaten and harass everyone who comes within 300 feet of them, including passerby and occupants of neighboring properties. These people obtain these dogs for the SOLE PURPOSE of projecting intimidation onto others. The authorities condone and enable such behavior of course: Consider what would happen if that were a PERSON brandishing a knife or a bat and hurling threats at everyone who walks by? Intimidation and assault are legal when dogs are the weapon.

    I'm sorry you have to go through this. It sounds like your neighborhood has truly "gone to the dogs", as so many have.

  11. I think it's Gwinnett animal control in Dekalb County georgia.

    Winograd represents the breeders and the dog fighters. That lobby tries to push their people into animal control to endanger the public (and the dogs even) and protect the earnings of the breeders.

    It looks like people like this Rebecca Carey and Jackie Cira were being used by the No Kill breeder fascists that took over Gwinnett animal control in Dekalb County georgia and started pushing out the violent dogs to cover for the area's breeders. They use naive or even mentally disturbed people to take in these dogs and pretend that No Kill is adopting them out to good homes. Some end up in the hands of people who can't handle them, like this situation, and either the person themselves or their neighbors gets hurt or died. Some of the dogs get shuffled off to hoarders like Spindletop to kill slowly, and endanger their neighbors.

    It's all a big fake, and the public pays the price big time.

    It looks like in Drkalb County at Gwinnett animal control the Winograd No Kill fascists as usual were doing crazy things and even making rascist attacks on the public, in addition to handing out dangerous dogs to kill people.

    They got thrown out in July of this year. Current animal control, Medlin, is interim.

    I'm sure Winograd and the breeder and dog fighter fascists will try to get more No Kill in there to persecute the public and the dogs.

    They get away with this because a lot of the public has no idea what is going on in their animal control departments, and because No Kill fascists hook up with crooked politicians.

    The public needs to find out what poison and corruption is in their animal control. No Kill says that deaths of people and their pets is acceptable. When that kind of fascism hits infiltrates animal control, everyone is at risk.

  12. "After Nathan left town in a blaze of glory, or whatever he leaves a town in, the Pima Animal Care Center veered off in the direction of No-Kill"

    There was no glory, only corruption, and Winograd is just a front man for the scam. That's only because one or two local corrupt politicians got hooked into it, probably via a combination of their connections to the breeding/farming lobby and partly because of dirty lobbying money channelled through say campaign funds.

    Add in the local crooked breeders, puppy mills, dog fighters, and AKC kennel clubs using No Kill to protect their incomes and hide their crimes and their operations, and one or two crooked reporters, as well as some local gullible fools suckered into supporting it, and animal control is infiltrated and the city or county suffers, and that includes the animals too.

    No Kill is only about protecting the massive incomes of people connected to the breeder racket, most of whom are tax cheats thanks to the lack of regulations like breeder licensing they always oppose. It's tied into national lobbying and big money industry. Look up Rick Berman.

    A lobbyist for breeders and dog fighters and the rest, tied into the farm lobby via puppy mills. Nathan Winograd and his cadre work for Berman's clients- the AKC, the dog fighters, the puppy mills, the pet stores, etc.

    THAT'S what greases the local politicians that helps No Kill infiltrate animal control to destroy so much. It isn't the "soft hearted" as they are only manipulated by the big money lobbies and the crooked politicians.

    The public needs to investigate the crooked politicians and breeders that used No Kill to hurt people and animals. This kind of exposure about No Kill is now going on in many places, as the criminals couldn't stay in hiding for long.

  13. Things like adopta bulll are just front groups for the pit bull breeders.

    Its up the public to find out how and why they got into animal control, and hold politicians accountable. Exposure is a great sanitizer.