Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 08/22/12

Police: Troy man shot longtime neighbor who told his barking dogs to shut up

Excerpt: A 73-year-old Troy man has been charged with attempted murder after police said he shot his longtime neighbor in the face during a dispute over his barking dogs.

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Owner of barking dogs found guilty of noise violation

Excerpt: It was another “guilty” verdict Wednesday night for an elderly Town of Tonawanda woman whose two dogs have spurred multiple noise complaints to police in recent years.

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The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. Well, lookie-lookie. A slow news week.I suppose that's a good thing.

In the nearly three years that I've been compiling and posting these news roundups in one venue or the other, I've noticed that barking is becoming a tad more unfashionable. More and more reports of municipalities tightening up their barking penalties. Including hefty fines, and in some cases, sentences that include jail time. That happened in the Tonawanda case.

But we still have a long way to go in our quest to make chronic barking as unfashionable as secondhand smoke. Hence, my QuietBarkingDogs store. It has all sorts of bumper stickers and tee shirts to get our point across.

Oh, excuse me, there's that pit bull next door, going off about something or the other. Again. Just let me get a good night's sleep tonight, dog. And don't turn on your family or anyone else in this neighborhood, okay?

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