Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 08/30/12

Tucson Tails: Dog's 'Right To Bark' Upheld By Magistrate

In the Lousy Legal Decision Hall of Shame, we have this: [A] City Magistrate  ruled yesterday that a dachshund has a right to bark providing the noise does not disturb persons "of ordinary tastes and average sensibilities."

Further in the story, the hyper-sensitive, complaining, cute little dachshund-hating neighbor is reported as saying, "[S]he heard the barks at night from a distance of 75 feet, even with the bedroom window closed."

Tip: You will be very pleased to know that the story commenters don't think highly of the magistrate's decision. Follow the above link to join the commenting fiesta.

Barking dog leads to civil dispute

All I can say is, what a surprise!

Vernon Looks To Tighten Barking Dog Policy

Excerpt: The town's animal control officer remains confident that recent changes in how barking dog complaints are handled should give the town a little more bite in court.

The Department of Shameless Self-Promotion. Yours Truly is writing this post from my currently quiet home in the great city of Tucson. How nice it is that all of the neighborhood dogs have decided not to bark for a few minutes.

You may not be at all surprised to learn that I've also been in court with neighbors over their inability to keep their dog inside so it wouldn't bark-bark-bark and disturb everyone living within two blocks of their front yard. And the judge hearing the case was every bit as clueless as the aforementioned magistrate. Long story short, I lost the case, even though I presented lots of evidence about the barking and its negative effects on my right to quiet use and peaceful enjoyment of my house.

Well, judge, it's our turn. I've set up a QuietBarkingDogs store for anyone who wishes to live without the constant barking noise. The store has bumper stickers and tee shirts for quietly making a point.

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