Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Week's Barking News Roundup - 08/09/12

Roswell man tortured and beat dogs with a bat to keep them from barking

Excerpt: Neighbors called authorities when they heard [the dog owner], 47 hitting his fence with a bat and at the same time heard a dog crying out in pain. Chaves County Sheriff's deputies arrived when [the dog owner] was still holding the bloody bat apparently used to beat the dog. The injuries to the dog were so severe, she had to be humanely euthanized.

New Dog Park Has Neighbors Barking

Excerpt: A place to keep your dog fit or a community eye sore? A new dog park has a Fargo neighborhood locked digging up a debate. The park would be located between 7th and 9th Avenue South near the downtown area.

Neighbors say there are a lot of issues that the Parks and Rec Department did not think about before they started this project. Also, they failed to tell people in the area that this was going to happening. And now the neighborhood is trying to stop it.

[S]top neighbor's barking dog

Question: So my wife and I recently purchased a home which we really love. For the most part the neighborhood is extremely quiet. Problem is our neighbors have 2 small dogs that are out in their side yard 24 hours a day. As soon as my wife and I go into our backyard they bark and simply do not stop. Sitting in my backyard is no fun because it's just barking all the time. Another problem is the neighbors are fairly "tough" looking dudes who I would almost be scared that if we pissed them off, they could retaliate. Plus they don't speak much English. Any suggestions here? I know I could call the cops but I'm hoping not to have to do that. What about those electronic zapping things you buy to stop dogs barking? Any suggestions here would be great.

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  1. Good article. A few thoughts:

    - The Pit-bull abuser in Roswell. I always find it ironic that dog lovers expect the rest of us to "get used to" endless barking. OK, great but the endless barking is often a result of an abused and/or neglected dog(s) as per the article. Are we supposed to "get used to" listening to malicious dog owners beat their dogs?

    - The dog park. My biggest problem with something like that is, dog ownership should NOT be subsidized (via a dog park in this instance) by taxpayers. The government needs to STOP promoting dog ownership and START holding dog owners to a higher standard! They say they don't have the resources to go after malicious and idiotic dog owners that destroy the quality of life in the community, but then go ahead and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a DOG PARK? Now, I don't have a problem with a group of dog owners pooling their resources and buying/developing their OWN park: Sort of like a country club for dog owners. The government? No... they should not be spending money or taking initiative.

    - On the owner with the 2 yard barkers. This is a good reason why you need to scope your neighborhood VERY well before you rent or buy. If you are looking at a home and the next-door neighbors dog barks at you the whole time, RUN away! For all you know, that's why the last owner wants to get out of there! I found the comments interesting... many people stating that the victim should "befriend" the owners and or the dogs.... crappy idea, consider: